This fine specimen is toq.  He has his own page because I got so many great photo’s of him!

Also, I think his is my best work to date.  I dare you to challenge me with a better project!

His vest and accessories are leather, his pants are made with authentic fabric, and I embellished the boots with knee covers, horns and armor.

We were fortunate to find boots made by New Rock that add 2 inches to toq’s 6’2″ stature.

Chest and neck buckles are authentic, and I made the resin belt buckle, neck and gauntlet insignia.

I tapered the stripes to fit his physique.

Here are his “mug” shots.  They’re more static, but show more detail.

You’ll see more close-up’s in the Details, details page.



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Mike Brown

do you take commissions?


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