It is important to me to sculpt prosthetic designs that enhance and compliment human architecture.  The prosthetics shown were designed over a long period of time, and some of them are more successful than others.  While I have dabbled in 2-piece molds using urethane foam,  I decided to leave that and latex foam constructions to those with better skills than I.  I paint mold latex in layers on the inside of my headpiece molds.  That way I get better control over surface details.  I mix acrylic paint with latex and match the make-up colors used on the rest of the face.  This makes application easier.  The process makes a very durable prosthetic.  The main drawback is that they’re hot!  If you are planning to wear them for longer that 4 hours, you may have to deal with perspiration, or seek someone better versed in foam latex. More about the prosthetic issue in Advice to the Threadbare.

Here are some examples of prosthetics with wigs and eyebrows permanently attached:

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